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How do we use your information?

Information we collect whenever you register, make a purchase, respond to a survey or marketing communication, or surf our website are used to personalize your experience and allow us to deliver the type of content and product offerings which we feel may be of interest to you.

Information provided to us by customers are collected and stored primarily to enable us to deliver personalized service. In addition, we may use the information for the following purposes:

  • To provide requested information about our products, services and other items which we feel may be of interest to our customers who have consented receive such information; and
  • To notify customers about changes in our website, such as improvements, service/product changes, or any matter that may affect our service.

If you are an existing customer, we may contact you for information about the services which were subject of a previous transaction with you.

If you are a new customer, we will only contact you or allow third parties to contact you if you have provided consent and only through the means for which you provided consent.

If you do not want us to use your data, you will have the opportunity to withhold your consent to such use when you provide your details to us in the form through which we collect your data.

Please be advised that we do not reveal information about identifiable individuals to our advertisers.

All information collected are securely stored in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Privacy Act (DPA) and are never shared with any third party. Your information will only be stored for as long as it is necessary to provide you with the service which you require from us. Information will only be disclosed if we are legally obliged to do so in accordance with the law.

Only authorized personnel, who are under obligation to maintain information security and confidentiality, shall have access to your data. All personal information entered into our database will be kept secure using technologies and other security measures to ensure information protection from loss, misuse, disclosure or other inappropriate actions.

By continuing to use of this website and/or by providing us your information, you expressly authorize us to store and maintain your personal information, including sensitive personal information, when applicable, for the abovementioned purposes.

Social Media:

Communication, engagement and actions taken through external social media platforms that this website and its owners participate in are customized based on the terms and conditions as well as on privacy policies. Users are advised to use social media platforms wisely and to communicate/engage within them with due care and caution regarding their privacy and personal details. Neither this website nor its owners will ask for personal or priviledged information through social media platforms and encourage users wishing to discuss sensitive details to contact them through primary communication channels such as by telephone or email.


All intellectual property rights, whether registered or unregistered, on the Website, information content on the website and all the website design, including, but not limited to, text, graphics, software, photos, video, music, sound, and their selection and arrangement, and all software compilations, underlying source code and software shall remain our property to the extent that we are the proprietor or have the legal right to use, whether by licence or otherwise, such content. The entire contents of the Website also are protected by copyright as a collective work under the Philippines copyright laws and international conventions. All rights are reserved.

You agree not to republish the contents of our Website on any other platform, including other websites.

We do not knowingly violate or permit others to violate the copyrights or trademarks of others.

All other trademarks, product names, company names, logos, and/or service marks mentioned, displayed, cited or otherwise indicated within this Website and/ or the Facility are generated, provided or posted by the respective Merchants, which we do not have control over and we claim no responsibility for such content generated.

If you believe that your own work, or the work of a third party for whom you are authorized to act, is featured on this Website and/ or the Facility or has been otherwise copied and made available on this Website and/ or the Facility in a manner that constitute intellectual property rights infringement, you should liaise with the relevant Merchants directly for such infringement issue and inform us of the same. We will promptly remove or disable access to material that we know is infringing or if we become aware of circumstances from which infringing activity is apparent.

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