Onboard Team members
in an easy way

Onboarding is a pivotal moment for making prospects feel included as part of your company's culture. Let filipay handle your HR operational tasks and relieve the HR stress on employee onboarding with our Document tool to generate offer templates, letters and status updates on offers send to your prospects.

Customize offer letters, policies from our templates and send offer letters, policies to your prospects, and make a snappy onboarding.

The onboarding experience is simplified with our inbuilt features to:

  • Review the job basics, job descriptions, and duties
  • Complete all new hire forms with a status update
  • Prepare the onboarding platform to introduce your prospect to companies work environment

People Management

Manage the growing attention your business needs through our powerful management tools like reporting, Organization management, Org Chart, Bulleting Board, internal communication system.

HR Administration

We in filipay give you role-based access which limits the selective employees from sensitive data. You can set restrictions on users on what module and how much access is deemed to be granted based on cooperating guidelines.

Audit Trail

HR managers can now track any changes made in the system with peace of mind while making changes to the system.

Asset tracking

Filipay can now track every asset your employee has.

Bulletin Board

For any upcoming training needs or to publish any new policy, use our Bulletin Board to broadcast to your target audience. This feature will let your target audience view it in their dashboard.

Employee Surveys

Get actionable feedback from your team using our Survey. You can now get feedback on your organization's goals from each contributor.

Team Health Survey

Create your Team health survey to know how your team is performing and identify any performance gaps from the collective responses and take actionable items accordingly.

Anonymous Survey

Build an environment of trust and transparency and make your participants feel safe to speak out their minds and increase your team engagement using anonymous responses in filipay Survey modules.

Integrated Technology
Meets Helpful Service