About FiliPay.com

FiliPay.com is a scalable Time Management, Human Resources, and Payroll processing solution for Corporations and Organizations, of all sizes. FiliPay.com is a highly customizable robust solve for your workflow operations management. FiliPay.com Time Management modules feature configurable multi work schedules and leave management schedules for employees. The Human Resources modules feature employee onboarding self-service and disciplinary actions. The payroll processing module is dynamic and accommodates all payroll scenarios; suiting organization of all sizes needs. FiliPay.com team is committed to providing high quality customer service helping clients excel in their Time Management, Human Resources, and Payroll processing operations.

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FiliPay.com features:

  • Payroll
  • Scheduling and Time Management
  • Benefits
  • Scalable and Customizable Solution Technology
Employee Self Service Portal
Employee Self Service Portal
  • Enable your workforce to access pay slips, track attendance, raise support tickets, and apply for leave remotely using FiliPay.com.
  • Transparency from the back office to employees and former employees is now achievable with any time anywhere access to pay slips using Filipay.com.
Personal Management Hiring and Onboarding
Personal Management Hiring and Onboarding
  • Engaging and connecting with potential employees, former employees, and newly hired employees is effortless with the digital workspace within FiliPay.com. Experience the swift onboarding platform that will increase productivity for your HR management staff by engaging the best tools.
  • Filipay.com will produce a return on investment for your company by increasing staff productivity via means of workforce capacity management.
  • Allocate a digital workspace to make your onboarding effortless and create an inclusive culture for your organization and increase the productivity for your management staff with the right tool using Filipay.com.
  • Swift onboarding platform to align your company goals and employee’s responsibilities.
Payroll Processing
Payroll Processing
  • FiliPay.com can transform the needs of your organization’s unique payroll processes.
  • Adherence to payroll compliance is achievable using FiliPay.com solutions, ensuring accurate and on-time payroll processing.
  • Transparency from the back office/current employees to resigned employees are now achievable through FiliPay.com. Also, they can access their pay slips anytime, anywhere.

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